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1. Establishment of business licence

Are you thinking about business and Ltd does not suits you? We will provide you free service, to establish business licence, including consulting, preparation of all necessary documents, filing and acceptance of trade license and all this for free, without any hidden charges. FOR FREE

We will prepare for you all necessary documents to answer your questions and we will establish a trade for you within 3 working days after receiving of the documents to our office. FOR FREE

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2. Establishment Ltd.

This form is the most popular way of business in Slovakia and therefore do not waste your time and energy with the self-help establishment. We will prepare all necessary documents arrange issue of business licenses, and we apply for registration at the Company register of Slovak Republic, after the registration of the company, our service is starting to care about you. We will apply for VAT identification number at the Internal Revenue Service. If you are interested, we will process the accounting of your new company.

249 EUR

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3. The establishment of civic association

You have the opportunity to develop your businesses activities in different ways. Contact us and we will be pleased to inform you with all the options. Service of establishing civil association is comprehensive including preparation of documents, necessary to establish a civil association. Those are Application for registry and Bylaw to the Ministry of the Interior, Application for assigning Company registration number at the local workplace os Statistic office. We will prepare all documentation, while you are working on your business plans.

299 EUR

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4. The establishment of non-profit organization

If you have significant thoughts, ideas and you would like to help others to expand talents or bring more greenery in the cities, we would like to offer you service of establishing non-profit organization, which includes preparation of documents such as Application for registry and Bylaw to the Ministry of the Interior, Application for assigning Company registration number at the local workplace os Statistic office.

299 EUR

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5. Buy of Ready-made Ltd.

In case of situation, we have ready-made companies, registered as payers VAT for sale right away. Companies did not accomplish any action and are ready to buy, so you can perform your plans today. Service includes preparing the necessary documentation of the application for registration of change of data at the Company Register, execution of all necessary documents for the notification of changes to the tax office. In case you have individual requirements and our current offer does not suit you, within the shortest time we will find for you company according your criteria, with all the guarantees.

Price is individual from 3 500 EUR. We have wide selection of companies.

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6. Buy Ltd.

In case you would like to realize your business intention immediately and you do not want to wait for the establishment of new Ltd., we have prepared for you a non-payer of VAT companies. We provide service including preparing necessary documents, application for registration of change of data at the Company register, execution of all necessary documents for the notification of changes to the Tax office. Do not wait !! Make Money !!

Price from 499 EUR

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1. Change of an administrator / shareholder / name / add lines of business

You have decided to make a change in your company? You are in the right place, we will do everything right for you. Preparation of necessary documents:

  • Supply of signatures of authorized persons
  • Application for registration of amendment of data at the Company register.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for the notification of changes to the Tax office.

Price 79 EUR

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2. The address change / virtual office

Would you like to move company to another address without having to pay rent or own a building, or you are establishing your new company and you do not have the place to arrange a residence? You are in the right place. In case of your requirements, the GWENT company provides you services such as virtual office for the company.

  • Preparation of necessary documents
  • Application for registration of an amendment to the Company Register. In consequence, the client is given the address of the residence office, receiving and forwarding of mail. The delivery information for any of the addresses the client is informed by the workers of Gwen.
  • We offer virtual office at the following addresses:
    Mliekárenská 8, 821 09 Bratislava, Obchodná 39, 811 06 Bratislava
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3. Accounting services

We provide a truly individual approach and support for your business. We will take-care about all deadlines and the obligation for you, accompany and remind about the risks and amendment in relation to the Tax office. We will provide expert advice in accounting, payroll and personnel whenever you need it. We will inform you of any changes, and all always we will present you several variants of solving a particular case that we will perform.

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4. Offshore company

If your plans go beyond the borders of Slovakia and it is the right moment to use us for establishing the company in another country. We will provide comprehensive services without having to leave our office.

The service includes expert advice and consultation in setting up offshore companies, the choice of jurisdiction, complete services in the registration and incorporation, brokerage services, tax consultants and lawyers as well as the provision of official translation of all documents in Slovakia.

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5. Nominee service - managing administrator

The GWENT company provides associate in case, that company partner does not have any interest to be figured as managing administrator, or more precisely, it does not have any option to personally arrange this position by another worker. Associate can perform tasks on behalf of the company based on commissioner provides by company. Absolutely, also in case you would like to protect your person against potential risks arising from statutory representative function.

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6. Nominee service - associate – Personal entity/ Legal person

The GWENT company provides person- associate, if the client wants to remain in anonymity and protect their privacy.

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1. The divestment of the company

The service is designed for clients who have decided to end their business and their company is in good condition which means it has no outstanding debts towards third parties or government bodies. We make a complete check of your Ltd. and offer it to our clients. We will provide full documentation, registration of changes in the Company register of Slovak republic and reimbursement of previously agreed amount.

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2. Winding up company

In case you have decided to terminate your business and for whichever reason, we are here for you. We will inform you about specific procedures in person, by phone or email.

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3. Company bankrupt

The statutory body is required to file a proposition for bankruptcy of the company if the company is insolvent, in case that against the company are facing at least two claims of various creditors from whom overdue more than 30 days, or the value of outstanding obligations of the company exceeds the value of assets company. If this proposition is not filed on time by company,it respond to creditors, ir response for the loss to them as a result of the proceedings arose, unless it proves that it acted with due diligence.

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4. Sale of shares for the purpose of entry of the investor

If you have an interesting idea or excellent business opportunity, with your agreement, we would like present your idea to our creditworthy clients and, in case of interest, we will perform meeting. During the entire course of making a financial plan, we will accompany and support you in administration.

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5. Sale of shares problematic company

If your company from one day to another finds itself in a situation which can not fulfill its commitments and failed to generate a profit and comes to a company indebtedness. It is precisely the situation in which it needs to be left to crisis management and is up to you whether temporary or permanent give/ assign business share and it relieves you.

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1.Simple Accounting

This accounting is for people who has decided to have business licence. Nowadays, there are many accounting programs, that are available in demo versions. At first, it may seems that everyone can do it. The problem arises in cases where it starts be more complicated, or when accounting for the entrepreneur becomes time consuming.

In the processing of simple bookkeeping we are ready to provide our services not only self-employees with VAT registration or to who have employees. We also help to small businessmen, who need our services only once a year.

In the processing of simple bookkeeping we are focusing on:

  • Processing of claims and liabilities,
  • Processing of cash register and cash book,
  • Processing of wages and personnel management
  • Processing of warehouse management,
  • Processing of tax records and tax documents
  • Processing of property records and depreciation plan
  • Processing, accounting and assessment of all accounting documents for tax purposes
  • Processing of financial statements for the income tax of individuals, including attachments.
  • As experienced professionals we care about comprehensive agenda of entrepreneurs so that they have time to devote to their business, and we as a society we have been the reliable partner.


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2.Double-entry accounting

Legal entities and some individuals account in double-entry accounting.

There are very few companies that have been doing accounting in the house or they could hire an accountant or to seek for accounting services.

Our task is not only to charge individual transactions, assess accounting operations but mainly to provide owners of the company impact on the income tax and economic point of view. External accounting and economic agenda is for small and medium enterprises as an only option. We review each client separately. First we meet our clients and provide free consultation, so in a future we could set up our co-operation. Together with a client we are going through its business plans, so we can provide the financial management of each company according to its needs.

In the processing of double-entry accounting we are focusing on:
  • Processing and control of accounting documents for the tax assessment of their tax site
  • Processing of liability and claim evidence
  • Management of cash - domestic or the foreign currency
  • Processing of property records and depreciation plan
  • Processing of small assets evidence
  • Management of the accounting diary and the general ledger
  • Processing of turnover for the purpose of monitoring the registration for VAT
  • Processing of tax records and tax documents
  • Processing of various types of tax declarations
  • Preparation of materials for income tax of legal persons
  • Preparation of tax declaration for income tax, including attachments
  • Preparation of reports according to client needs
  • Processing of statistical reports
  • Financial and economic consulting.


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All companies keep payrolls, wages, personnel management, if they have at least one employee, with no difference if the employee works full-time, or student working part-time according to work contract.

Keeping wages is part of our full service and processing of this agenda is usually part of the financial customer care. This is not a condition. Payroll and personnel administration may be separated from the client´s accounting and we can handle only this area separately.

We offer these services with processing payrolls:
  • Payroll management services and its management
  • Register and deregister of employer and employees
  • The monthly processing of statements and sending it electronically
  • Processing of wages, sick-pays and other refunds
  • Processing of bank orders for payment of charges and wages
  • Processing of wage tickets
  • Processing payroll sheets, credit letters, registration sheet pension funding
  • Materials for social fund
  • Materials for making reserve budget for unused vacation
  • Preparation of monthly reports and annual reports
  • HR consulting


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4. Reconstruction of accounting

Gwen company deals with the previous years accounting at the request of the client and, if suspected:

    Mistakes in accounting Lack of relevant accounting documents Incorrect calculation of profit Wrong done and calculated tax Based on our initiative, on the findings of previously done mistakes

The reconstruction is carried out only on request and approval by the client consulted the actual situation. The price is set individually. The return of double-entry and single entry accounting in accordance with applicable Laws of Slovak republic:

    Processing, billing and accounting documents, assessing their eligibility for tax purposes Management accounts, receivables and payables VAT registration Annual financial statements including annexes under the current legislation Processing of material for granting income tax Preparation of tax declaration, including the annexes (balance sheet, income statement, cash-flow and notes to the financial statements) Preparation of correction of tax declaration
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5. Legal entity income tax

Tax return of income tax for the previous tax period, the taxpayer is obliged to submit within three months after the end of the tax period. The tax period is the calendar year, financial year or other period specified in the Law on Income Tax no. 595/2003 Coll. The tax return the taxpayer filed the appropriate tax authority. The usual date for the submission of this type of tax return is March 31. The current legislation allows the postponement for filing tax returns for three calendar months, it means June 30. This option is available to all taxpayers in the law stipulated period shall submit to the appropriate tax authority notice to postpone the deadline for filing the tax return. Local jurisdiction is governed by a legal person establishment.

Local jurisdiction is governed by a legal person establishment.

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6. Individual income tax

The obligation to file a tax return, is also for employees who during the year had more taxable income and on February 15 did not apply to the employer to take annual tax. Another category of persons submitting tax returns for income tax of personal entity are for example brokers of financial products, working on the basis of registration with the National Bank of Slovak republic, people who have rental income, income from order contracts, and so on. There is closely connected bookkeeping. The deadline for submission of tax declaration is March 31. Local jurisdiction is governed by permanent residence of employed individual.

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7. Value Added Tax – VAT

Added Tax (VAT) is regulated by the Act 222/2004 Coll. as amended. VAT calculation is carried out in accordance with the regulations requesting a recapitulative statements to VAT after 1. 1. 2010. VAT calculation is carried out in accordance with regulations requiring the Cumulative reports for VAT after 1. 1. 2010. VAT calculation and VAT declaration we carry out monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the nature of the taxpayer. VAT declarations on behalf of the taxpayer can be transmitted to the competent tax authority, there is faster processing and calculation of VAT.
Electronic summary statement

A summary statement of VAT is obliged to submit any VAT payers (as defined in the Act 222/2004 Coll value added tax) not later than 20 after the end of the period for which this obligation arises. Summary statement after 1.1.2010 administered only by electronic means (electronic summary statement), that means it will be implemented through the tax administration portal of Slovak Republic at www.drsr.sk, while the taxpayer has to become authorized user of the electronic services or to authorizes us.

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