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30. 6. 2014

About us

Who we are and what we do?

The Gwent Company Slovakia provides comprehensive guidance on creating, selling and corporate governance. We provide our clients consulting services in business field, legal and accounting services. We ensure that our clients have all the necessary information for providing business activities, and that it also reminds and provides protection against any action taken by any Office or any other third party. What we offer clients is a real business support every day of the week and solving any problems that might hold you from achieving your goals.

How long are we on the market?

The company Gwent Slovakia is on the market since the summer of 2012, when it was launched as a trial operation. Today we can boast with dozens of satisfied clients. The concept of continual care in combination with the responsibility, flexibility and a focus on delivering always totally completed work. Our company is characterized by precision, discretion and compliance with the agreement, in relationship of employee - client, supervisor - employee. Our goal is to make our clients be successful in its business, not to waste time with unnecessary administrative processes. Our best reference is a client who has enough free time, reaching their personal and operative goals. Gwent company is currently owned by equable share of Ing. Marcel Kamon and Adam Čech.

What are our ambitions?

The main company intention is to provide clients the highest possible professionalism and precision in implementation our work and expand this concept abroad, where our intention is to build our network of subsidiary offices, where everyone will have the same procedures and tools to meet them.